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HowDoISpeak is a website that shows you insights about the way you text by analyzing your word choice in your text messages over time.

The example line graph shows how frequently an anonymous user texted the names of their three exes over time (they all consented to me including this graph).

You can see an anonymous volunteer's full analysis here:

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HowDoISpeak was created in 10/14 by Max Fowler


Abridged Maps is a website that strips Google Maps of all natural and graphical imagery to reveal concrete poems about the structure of contemporary space.

We also created a Twitter bot that randomly selects coordinates from a list of 3000 cities around the globe and then tweets screen-shots of the Abridged Maps of those locations: @abridgedmaps

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AbridgedMaps was created in 11/15 by Max Fowler and Jordan Beard


LoveGov is a non-partisan political social network that crowd-sources political information and connects like-minded people.

All of the company's assets were sold in March of 2013 and the website is no longer active. The 1 minute video linked below shows clips of the original product and describes the company's intention.

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LoveGov was founded in 9/2011 by Max Fowler and Joschka Tryba


Speak freely knowing that only the intended recipients of your messages can read them.

ParselTongue is a Google Chrome Extension that automatically encrypts your Gmail using the PGP public key of your recipient if you are emailing another ParselTongue user.

This project is no longer maintained but you can view the source code in the github repository linked below.

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ParselTongue was created in 1/13 by Max Fowler, Josh Blum and Stephanie Wang

The Capitalist T-Shirt

The Capitalist T-Shirt is an e-commerce store that sells T-Shirts, framed prints and booty shorts.

The number on your T-Shirt or print displays how much money you spent on the item — an allusion to financial status symbols which already exist today.

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The Capitalist T-Shirt was created in 12/14 by Max Fowler


TrueSpeak is a thought experiment and functional app that allows you to upload conversations from your text message history to a publicly viewable page on the internet.

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TrueSpeak was created in 12/14 by Max Fowler

Broca's Coconut is the landing page for a pseudo-anonymous art collective mailing list curated by me and some of my friends.

Click anywhere on the initial page to advance through to the rest of the site.

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Broca's Coconut was created in 9/14 by Max Fowler and Evan Nicholas